Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going to Mayo...

Bill is home. 
We will be gone for a couple of days.
I am thankful that he will be able to go to Arizona with me. 
It is time for another trip to Mayo for more x-rays 
and another casting.

I will update you on Mayo, my ankle, & Bill when we get back home.
Thanks for your support, as always!


  1. Good luck--paws and fingers crossed for you!

  2. Wishing you good luck with your visit to the Mayo Clinic
    I hope that they can help you. JB

  3. Another one that sounds like a great read... you are killing my book budget McGuffy Ann. Seriously though, it is awesome to have someone suggesting books that sound like something I really would enjoy. You just can't go wrong with people/animal relationships! :-)

  4. Sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way, praying for a great progress report, and wishing you and Bill and wonderful time together in the great Desert Southwest! HUGS

  5. We're purring and praying for you!

  6. The kitties and I are sending you lots and lots of good wishes to you! I hope this ordeal is soon behind you, honey. XXXX

  7. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    I see you surrounded by the white light of healing. The white light of Oneness of All Creation. Take care and may the Mayo trip give you nothing but good news.


  8. Yes, definitely keep us posted! I hope your tests will be good news. Safe journey!

  9. thoughts and prayers are with you!

  10. Good luck... and congrats on being friend of the week over at Create With Joy!!!

  11. Hope it goes well. Glad you're not alone.


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