Friday, October 31, 2014


Don’t go past the graveyard tonight.
It’s late and dark, just right for a fright.
The souls are restless, spiteful and loud,
keeping the threats they once avowed.
Witches fly high, while zombies lie low.
Spirits float where cold winds blow.
Shadows stumble between the trees,
while old hobgoblins taunt and tease.
Heavy footsteps leave deep treads
upon ancient eternal rotting beds.
Whispers echo over crypts and stones
as wind rattles teeth and skeleton bones.
Bats take to wing in pale moonlight. 
Beware what walks the graveyard tonight.

Happy Halloween!

McGuffy Ann Morris
Originally shared October 2013
(Images: Public Domain)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Safety

Everyone likes to have fun, even critters!
However, we need to make sure that we
keep them safe from accidents & hazards.
This video offers you tips & reminders
to assure a pleasant holiday celebration.

~Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!~

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Bill is due Home today. He has been out on the road all month. Needless to say, we are just as excited to have Dad home, as he is to be here. 

Dad couldn't be here when Chloe Jo had her surgery, so she will be even happier than usual to have him Home. But make no mistake, Maggie, Grizelda, Chloe Jo and Stella are all Daddy's Girls. He spoils them quite well.

Please understand if I am not available much in the next few days. As you all know: Family comes First. This is ours. When Bill is back on the road, I will catch up with everyone. We appreciate your understanding. 


A Park Arkansas. 
There is an explanation.

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