Saturday, August 30, 2014

Home Time

Bill was not supposed to be home this weekend, which was disappointing. However, as is always the case in trucking, orders change, routes change, and schedules change.  Often this means more time out on the road, sometimes days, sometimes weeks. It isn't easy or even pleasant, but Bill is just the kind of man who does the right thing, even when it isn't easy.  

Bill is known for his Superman rescues. There are emergency swaps where a trucker needs someone to take their load. It may be for health reasons, mechanical issues, or any number of  issues. There have been times Bill has driven out of his way, even backtracking to check on a driver who wasn't answering his messages. He has taken buses to pick up trucks abandoned by drivers who quit without notice. He is always ready and willing to do what is needed and be useful, even when it affects his own home time. Many times he has stayed out on the road when he was needed, even though it meant he got home later than planned. He is always out for at least three weeks, usually for 4-6 weeks. 

What goes around comes around. For all of his hard work and helping others, this time he got lucky...Bill is home a few days early! We will actually be together for a holiday. It somehow even seems appropriate that he is able to relax at home on Labor Day. I am so happy for him, as he really deserves this. 

So, your long weekend, your holiday of relaxation. Enjoy the bittersweet unofficial end of Summer. Most of all, enjoy your family and relish those moments together. I know that we will. I will see you all back here soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The house sits not far from the track;
the old gal sits in a chair out back.
Her worn, faded Bible says 1904,
as does the bridge that promised her more.
Progress had never ceased to amaze,
while several children she managed to raise.
She, herself, grew up by this track,
listening to the clackety-clack.
She dreamt of places where the tracks would go
when the trains went by and their whistles would blow.
She would listen to stories the porter would tell
when he would come and sit for a spell.
But dreams are just that and when life is through
it never matters which ones came true.
Time has finally taken its toll;
life has passed by with the dreams it stole.
Now she remains in the house by the track
and still she waits in the chair out back,
until the day that she will ride high
tracks made of gold in the silver sky.

Poem & Image: McGuffy Ann Morris

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A Butterfly

Silver-Spotted Skipper
Skippers fly from one flower plant to another in short skips,
earning them this name, "Skipper". There are well over 3000
known varieties of this butterfly species. The Silver-Spotted
Skipper is one of the largest and most common kinds. Along with
it's distinctive colour pattern, it has a wider head with noticeably 
down-curved antennae tips. 

Bill captured these photos in our back yard the last time he was 
home. This Skipper was resting on our Tiger Lillies. He seemed
almost as curious about Bill as Bill was about him. Bill tries to 
capture these kind of photos knowing how much I love them. 
We both like sharing them here with you!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!
Stella says, "Now: go hug your dog
...and please give them a treat!"